Fahrije Zogaj: I tell you the latest news from the artistic life and not only…!


They are two of the well-known names of the Albanian variety show, with whom the public has been associated for years. Fahrije Zogaj, one of the most sought-after artistic figures in the Albanian stage and beyond, is always present at concerts or events and family celebrations, in Albania and abroad. With dozens of national and international participations, many albums and hits, Fahrija always has something to tell about her artistic but also private life that is so much like a romantic movie. Happy in family life with the artist Bujar Dyrmishi, a devoted couple, Fahrijes is one of the most brilliant voices of our music. She is always accompanied by her husband and artistic manager Bujarin, and here she has become part of this pleasant interview…!

-Fahrije, this was the end of the summer season, but meanwhile the new season is beginning, were you busy this summer that just went with concerts and events? How did you manage them to be so successful?

– Hello Fahrije, and first of alI we want to thank you for this interview. We have come from two seasons blocked by the pandemic, but this year was different as we have been to every country where Albanian is spoken. Success depends on investment and product, as my songs convey love for the motherland.

-Which are the countries that welcomed you and certainly asked you again?

– I am very respected and honored in North Macedonia, Kosovo and Presheva, since for 16 years, I have mostly been part of weddings and family evenings in these countries.

-Which scenes of family joys are you waiting for and do you plan to visit in the new season?

– To be honest, for me the whole year is a season because I am very active, also in different evenings around Europe. In November, for the November and end-of-year holidays, I will be together with my husband for some concerts in the USA.

-USA, the dream of all artists, but few of them reach it, what do you expect from this tour you have there for the November holidays, in other words why are you so in demand there?

– I was as a visitor in the USA and I liked that blessed country, I would say. My songs have been liked, especially the songs “Një komb një flamur” and “Jam shqiptare e kam për nder”. The well-known company USALB PARTIES CORP with the honorable Mr. Gjergj Kovaçi, who organizes many events for fellow countrymen in New York and beyond, and together with my colleague Bujar Durmishi, we will be at several events in the USA, where fans of our songs will they are waiting for us and we want to share with them the wonderful atmosphere. Mr. Gjergj is the one who will make sure that our concerts there are as successful as possible, as he enjoys great respect from the public.

– Colleague, manager and husband, is it easy to be versatile Mr. Bujar, since you are here and you can tell us yourself?

– To be honest, no, it is not easy because you have to adapt to the market. But, thanks to God, Fahrija is already at the top of the stage, thanks to work, respect and modesty.

-What is the most beautiful thing you have from this professional and spiritual trinomial?

– The most beautiful thing is that we meet many people, different people and we feel very good when they talk about our songs and are happy to see us up close.

-New productions, can you tell us a little more and what is in your future musical projects?

-We have just finished some projects. Bujar Durmishi will soon come with a very beautiful song from the southern regions. As for my projects, they will be 6 new songs, two of which we just finished with sleep, one song has its source in the motifs of Kosovo and the other is a wedding song with motifs from Polog of Macedonia. Finally, I really hope that the songs will be liked by our large audience! Thank you for this great interview!


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