Anida Llane: Applause, the best catalyst for success



In her life, music is not something random. This is because music was a lifelong passion, which continues even today.
We are talking about Anida Llane, the singer from Vlora, quite young and talented but with a great dedication to the passion of her life, music. With a long journey in art, even though she was young, after finishing school she was engaged in various concerts inside and outside the country, Europe and the Diaspora.
Thanks to work and talent, the artistic life has been growing and this has certainly given a different shape to Anida’s work. Applause and public appreciation have been the catalyst of her career. The strongest point of Anides is persistence and patience for the things you want to achieve in life.

The song with which he explored a genre outside of himself, that of the ballad, is the song “Zemren bera gur”, with the publication of which he reaped a great success. Meanwhile, the last song entitled “Me jetu” is a production in which the lyrics were written by the singer herself, while the music was co-authored with one of the well-known Albanian composers, Viktor Rushiti. The clip by Max Production has brought Anida artistically formed and with more style. Below you have her new video where you can enter and click to see the full new feed of Anida, while we are waiting for her first album, for which she has been working for a long time:


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