Retina Halili: Styling clothes, my great success



She is a young designer but is known almost everywhere in Albania and abroad. Retina Halili, daughter of a designer in her field Merita Halilit, comes to a special interview to talk about work, passion and career as an adult and children’s clothing designer. Wedding dresses, evening dresses, children’s clothing are not the only points of Retina’s work. We’ll talk to her further…!

– Retina, first we’d like a presentation for our readers, what would you say about yourself and your commitments?

– Hello! I’m Retina Halili, a graduate with a bachelor’s and science master’s degree in Food Technology on 2016 at the University of Tirana. I returned to Kukes where my degree didn’t have many options there, that is when I started lending a hand inmy mother’s business, as manager of her salon, and there the desire to open my own business was born, and I had a business of my own. In 2017 I inaugurated Retina Bridal for wedding dresses and evening dresses, at the time my salon dresses were made by my mother, the designer Merita Halili, and her staff. I’m happy that Retina Bridal has been a success for five yearsnow.

Is designing among your career premises?

Yes, it is! I didn’t go to school for design and stiching, but Mom taught me the craft. I’m happy that somehow I’m following in her footsteps and even happier that to some extent I build the collaborations my mom had when she was in Albania, because now she lives in the USA.

– What do you like to style more, wedding dresses, event dresses…?!

– I like to style dresses where it sums up all kinds of dresses. Every dress I create gives me pleasure when I finish it and it comes out as perfect as I imagined it. I love it and I enjoy the idea that even though I’m in my early days as a designer and tailor, I have so many clients who trust me with their dresses for important events. We’re in the season where brides choose their dresses, where college students and high school students choose their dresses for their parties while little girls finished June 1st and style for their birthdays.

How have social networks helped you become known in your work?

– Almost all my work, advertising, and presentation of dresses Ido on Instagram, which has helped me grow a lot and be known in many places both in Albania and abroad.

You have participated in various organizations and one was “Miss Tradition”. Is traditional clothing highly required by your clients for various events?

– Yes, it is true that we have participated in many events/organizations where we have introduced our work in different outfits and traditional clothing have their space in Albanian weddings but also in other events.

– Your mother, as you said herself, is one of the best designers, how much of her talent have you got, that has made you so professional?

Without a doubt since her name is Merita, every merit of mine belongs to my mom and even though she’s too far away in Miami, she still teaches me when I’m having trouble with something.

– Children’s clothing is one of the directions you’ve given a lot of importance to, how is the demand for children’s clothing?

– I like it, because as the brides enjoy their day so should the children who are our future, I’m happy with the fact that little girls get excited when they wear their dresses like princesses in stories. I have opened an Instagram page for three years now, @little Princes Arya and Elea, and I am very pleased with the demands that come to me for children’s clothing.

With whom have you collaborated the most on photoshootsor even the presentation of new styles of dresses you designed?

– I have my brother the most In photographer at the moment Klevin Halili who creates such beautiful photos and highlights every detail of the dresses as well my beautiful model Tracy Sadie, who introduces the dresses so beautifully with her beauty and grace. I’m lucky to be around such professionals.

– You get messages of appreciation, criticism, and thanks?

Of course I do. At my job I have received more good messages and endless thanks from my clients when their holidays are over. However, also the criticisms, which come more from my mother Merita. I never miss them. (Smiles)

In the end, how are we going to close this interview?

– I finally have a bouquet of thanks. I want to thank you for such a comprehensive interview. Thank God for my every achievement. Thank you to my family for trusting me and supporting me in every step and decision I make. They’re a big help to me. I endlessly thank every client who believes in my work.


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