Dj Twin Gent: The untold stories of nightlife in Albania

-Twin Gent, you are one of the most popular DJs, why are you called Dj Twin, just to begin with…!


– My name is Twin Gent because the music I make in Europe is quite sophisticated and there are many DJs who play my style. In France when I was in a record company, they called me Twin because of the style of music I played!

– Nightlife in Tirana is very popular, so much so that it starts on Wednesdays and not on weekends. That’s better for you, but also more tiring, I believe…

– Yes, recently, the night life starts on Wednesdays, but it’s not tiring, thinking that in the summer it will be every night. (Smiles) There is no work without fatigue, but it is also profitable.

– Was there a moment when you regretted choosing this profession?

– Our country does not have many spaces to practice this type of profession like other countries. This is one of the reasons why a DJ may regret being born in Albania, but I never regret it because this is the job I love.

IMG_9600 (video)

IMG_9599 (video)

-Even your way of life differs from others, because you stay awake at night and sleep during the day. Why does this bother you the most?

– We are used to it now because even when we are not at work, we fall asleep at four o’clock in the morning. (Laughs) It really prevents me from seeing the sunlight. (Smiles)

– You are also “witnesses” of various events and situations that happen in the club; fights, quarrels, separation between couples, excess of alcohol…

– These are the most common things of night life. Binge drinking happens every weekend, while fights and quarrels occur less often.

– What do Albanian clubs lack, compared to European ones?

– In my opinion, nothing, because technology has progressed quite a bit, I can even say that some clubs in Montenegro and Italy leave a lot to be desired, compared to those in Albania

– What about Albanian customers, compared to European ones?

– Many, starting from their musical preferences. Albanian customers come to the club to look good and not to have fun.

– Have there been offers that you have refused due to payment?

– Yes, there was. A lot, even.

– For what other reason would you reject an offer?

– Working conditions and electronic equipment necessary for the smooth running of the evening or event.

– Are clubs one of the places where Albanian VIP-s spend the most?

– No, they are not clubs. I think that VIP-s spend more in shopping than in clubing.

– Are the latter also the favorite business that VIP-s want to open?

– This business is not only their preference, but of anyone who wants to have a profitable business, but it is not as easy as you think because to open such a business, you need to have experience and know well how things work. in this field.

– Is something like that in your plans?

– At the moment, no. In the future, who’s gone know?(Smiles)


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