Ori: Sky is my limit

-Ori, your first time in our media… You come with songs, clips, concerts… I know you work hard, but what I don’t know its when does Ori get tired?


– I never get tired, it’s surprising. (Laughs)

-Tell us a little about more the new song that is coming…

– It’s a beautiful song, it’s called “Do you have me” and I say it will be a blast.

– “Work is medicine” people say. Why are you trying to “heal” for working so hard and bringing such beautiful things to music?

– I don’t want to recover from anything, that’s where I discharge the endless energy I have. (Smiles)

– Today, I believe you have also noticed that many young women are seeing music as one of the easiest opportunities to make money, but also to gain fame, since the latter has become irresistible to them. , instead of living the music. Do you think we need a refresh, more courage, more quality or are you with the expression: There is room for everyone?

– It is not very easy to be in this field, as it seems from the outside. When you’re inside it, you really understand how tiring it is, so not everyone can keep it up until the end.

– What has been your biggest victory in life?

– The biggest victory for me has been and will remain the family…!

– The shelter you go to every time you become a “child”…

– I have a lot of nostalgia for that time that never comes back, but in some moments, I even go back in time…

– What is a memory that always takes you back to childhood, making the day more beautiful?

– Endless jokes and games.

– Is there someone you would like to forgive or be forgiven?

– Both.

– What has been a surprise for you?

– The last concert in London was full of real artists and we really had a great time.


– Are you more the type that surprises others or the one that finds it easier to be surprised?

– I am the type that mostly surprises others.

– One thing you would have to correct in yourself…

– Don’t give so much. I give too much and take too little, so I have to switch positions.

– Who do you call “the right man”?

– The man with character. This is also the essence of the song that will come soon, maybe..!

– What is the worst thing a man can do for you to take away his visa?

– Lies. I can’t stand it.

– If you had the ability to read men’s minds, what exactly would you want to know?

– Is there another woman? (Laughs) It’s absurd. To be honest, I wouldn’t care at all.

– Is it more based on advice or criticism?

– Advice!

– How would you feel if one day you woke up with a different profession?

– I don’t have a problem, I’m all around talent. (Laughs)

– Do you feel you are missing someone or something, currently?

– Yes.

– The rhythm with which you live your days there and how does this rhythm change when you come here?

– Things are more precise here, while in Albania, according to Teresa.

– Does it give more space to the heart or reason?

– I have left space for my heart for years, so I have started to give reason more now.

– The song of the moment that made you special?

– I like the songs of Albanian artists, I put on a different one every morning, new or old…!

– Everything that will come next, will be unexpected even for you or do you have ideas and plans that are waiting to be realized? Tell us some…

– Unexpected things always happen in my life, but I don’t leave everything just for fun. At the same time, I come up with ideas and plans to realize them. I will bring solo songs, collaborations in the future as much as you say, will it stop or how is it?! (Smiles)


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